We are delighted to welcome you to the George Buchanan Project blog, where we will share insights from members of the Project team on their roles on the project, some of the work we have been doing and insights about this relatively unknown figure in history.

This blog enables students, staff and the wider public to follow some of the progress we are making on reimaging the potential for the Buchanan building. The purpose of the project is to increase engagement with the Buchanan building and make it more than a space we cross between class.

It is our goal to create not only a stimulating intellectual and visual environment, but also a place to simply pause for a moment of reflection in our busy day. We hope the spaces created by the project will facilitate discussion and a sense of community among all users of the building.

This blog will document some of the work going on in preparing the building, collection and displays. It will also chart our progress and provide a more detailed account of the context and history of the project. We run this blog in collaboration with other means of communication, presently our Instagram, and we look forward to expanding our outreach in the future. There is huge excitement in the project team about some of the discoveries being made about both George Buchanan and the building itself, and we look forward to showcasing our findings to you.

– Hannah Thomson